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Clean, well-maintained trucks for sale.


Well maintained. Our equipment inspection and verification program ensures clean, well maintained equipment (with service history) for every customer every time.


Buy a used moving box truck and use it for business, work, delivering goods, and many other purposes.


Our trucks are priced to sell! Make sure to look for our "New-in-Stock" trucks fresh from the rental fleet. We also have significantly reduced priced trucks for sale. Look for the "last-in-Stock" designation for these trucks.


Call us and we will find the right box truck for cab and truck for you. We sell retaill and wholesale!


U-Haul Offline Trucks for Sale


Best Value for Your Money!


U-Haul means you are buying with confidence and are getting the best value for your money. Put one of our trucks to work for you today! U-Haul Truck Sales : Small Investment, BIG RETURN!


30 Day Phone Support


With the purchase of one of our used box trucks you will have free access to our U-Haul equipment experts for all of your repair and maintenance questions for 30 days.


All Sizes


All sizes of trucks including 10' , 14' and, 17' box trucks. The 26' is available in chassis version only.




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Examples of some of our inventory of trucks available for sale.

Check back often as the inventory changes daily ...